Until we remember the same
/book, 730 pages, edition of 5/

Visual conception and graphic design: Marcel Benčík

For one entire year, between May 2012 until May 2013 I was working on a collaborative project with my half-sister. It consisted of a very simple everyday activity - taking a picture of the sun at the same minute, wherever we were. What led me to this was our family history, the fact that we had not grown up together and she found out about my existence only in 2009. After we met for the first time I realized that our relationship, however close, was yet to be built. We did not share a past; we had no common memories; there were no family photographs. It was a very strange feeling of equal proximity and remoteness. The act of taking pictures as an everyday ritual was an attempt to get over something that cannot be retrieved from the past; a means of building our archive of “shared” moments.

“Until We Remember The Same” eventually turned into a book. It has a form of a double book - two parts, mine and my sis- ter’s, joined together by their backs. One is not able to see the pictures from the same day simultaneously. As the viewer flips through the pages, they go from past to present - thus, those two parts are getting a bit closer with each day, yet they fail to meet in the middle. A couple of pages remains blank, reminding us of the days when due to various circumstances, we forgot or were unable to take a picture.