3:25 pm, 2014
a fictional lapse in time documented on one roll of film; in 36 photographs

In May 2014, during my art residency in Warsaw, I visited an old office building in Praga district of Warsaw. The company, producing very precise metal mechanisms for airplanes, shut down a few years ago, leaving behind abandoned offices and empty spaces. The future of the building has already been planned - in the very near future, developers will turn it into apartments and studios. Thus, I found the space in an in-between state, a whole structure of deserted rooms with odd traces of their past. During my first exploration I discovered a clock, typical for the period of 1970’s-80’s, stopped at 3:25.
I returned to the place the next day and coincidentally at 3:25 p.m., I took a picture of the clock. I continued to photograph all the spaces with my analogue camera until one roll of film was finished, capturing the eerie moment when the time stood still.