Sick light, 2014
acrylic paint on window, site-specific project commissioned by 12th Survival Festival in Former Faculty of Pharmaceology, Wroclaw

The light glows through colorful windows, brightens up the historical staircase and faces of visitors. What they can see is far away from evoking sick or unhappy feelings. What’s visible is a rather abstract “vitrage”, yet there is a rational choice beyond every part of it.
My mother had always wanted to become a pharmacist and her dream failed a couple of times. Nowadays, she is taking many pills on a everyday basis, for this and that. All those boxes are marked with different color stripes. There is no specific connection between the pill’s purpose and the color shade. Whose chooses them? It’s an innocent, incomprehensible system of selection, not worth any attention beyond it’s primary purpose: not to mix up the pills. Driven by my attraction towards small obscurities, I asked my mother to give me the list of the all colors used on her drug boxes. All of them are very optimistic - an intriguing contrast when we think about a sickness. The original concept of “vitrage” as means to create the atmosphere of mystery and awe, connected with religion, is being replaced with something seemingly opposed: yet it’s a new “religion”, a sick trust in pharmacology.