O amolador
HD video, sound, 2’ 54’’

It is the magical moment when
the tip of a knife pierces through time
and everything merges into one moment of

When one walks hot streets of foreign towns
Aimlessly, encountering scenes.
When one floats in their consciousness
like an eye in the air, weightless
while still being heavy in one’s being.

In a dusty street, walking in the cruel sun
of a summer afternoon, an echo,
a faded reproduction of Goya’s picture,
o amolador.

O amolador is a portuguese name for a grinder - a man who walks the streets along his bike, which is modified to a grinding mechanism with a whetstone, used to sharpen household objects, mostly knives. Walking through the town, he announces his presence by whistling on an instrument, in Spanish called chiflo.

O amolador, currently one of disappearing, archetypal scenes in the city of Lisbon. During one summer I often crossed paths with one of them. I found myself strangely attracted to his melody, which was different from the others - it was deeper, somewhat vicious, unsettling.
Following him on a hot, sunny day at the end of the summer, I recorded his sound.

O amolador from Katarina Poliacikova on Vimeo.