VOICE WITHOUT LANGUAGE, solo exhibition at HIT Gallery, Bratislava

Unveiling a personal narrative through found objects, photographs, and words.

"The water had reached the bottom of the cliff. Without anticipation, a big wave came in and with a big splash licked the sand not far from our feet. In the brief instant of connection that comes with a shared surprise moment, we looked at each other and laughed. He said something I couldn’t
understand and wasn’t able to answer.
There was something liberating in the moment of language impotence. The ocean had it."

- from the video "VOICE WITHOUT LANGUAGE", 2015, 5:46 min.

VOICE WITHOUT LANGUAGE from Katarina Poliacikova on Vimeo.

Site specific installation at Hit Gallery
Video / photographic prints / Cucullaea Gigantea - fossil from Paleocene epoch, circa 58,7 million years old / Flor de sal - flower of salt, black glass / video installation.

Photographs: Dominika Jackuliaková