Fires Venice Tequila Sunsets
2017 - ongoing
Video, photography, text.

“Fires Venice Tequila Sunsets” is an open-ended project and a personal adventure that links two narratives across time and space, as a way of creating connections to a place and opening ways for curiosity and serendipity.

The title of this work refers to the first four items on Susan Sontag’s list of likes - personal affinities - from her published diaries, “As Consciousness Is Harnessed To Flesh, Journals And Notebooks, 1964-1980”. This beautiful list served as a starting point for my project; a deep dive into each of Susan Sontag’s listed pleasures.
Susan Sontag writes self-reflective notes about the allure of lists as a way to “perceive value, confer value, create value, even create — or guarantee — existence..”

Reading about things that someone else is/not fond of creates a special moment of intimacy. It can make one feel connected to a person they had never met and will never get to know personally.

Creating some sort of personal “cabinet of curiosities”, these listed items are being crystalized through my own experience into a growing artwork encompassing video, photography and writing. Instead of engaging Sontag’s public figure, I wish to enhance the duality of the public versus the private, the self-assured versus the vulnerable person. I wish “Fires Venice Tequila Sunsets” to be something that most of us can relate to.

During my residency at Nida Art Colony in June 2017, I started creating/discovering and filming scenes, atmospheres and associations based on Sontag’s list of likes: visual narrations rendered through my personal preferences. Written in 1977’ Manhattan island, exactly four decades later the list transcends time and space, as I set it into many different places.

While the video material still gathers dust in my virtual archives, I turned my attention to writing - writing as building and layering my own personal history upon Sontag’s diary.
In July 2018, during my residency at Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn, I published the first edition of texts and photographs in form of a booklet, which encompasses seven essays and photographs on: Sunsets, Urinating, Staying in Motels, Asking Questions, Tall People, Hands and Deserts.