(from the series “Voice Without Language”)
HD video, sound, 17’ 24’’

“And didn't I immediately discover that melancholia brought something out in me that felt more authentic and effortless than anything I'd previously alchemised.” (Claire-Louise Bennett, The Pond)

The series “Voice Without Language” is about the possibility of connection beyond language, bridging physical and mental distances one has within oneself, with the other, and, increasingly, with nature.
The Voyage takes the viewer to Staten Island, NY. The physical point of departure is the view from the house of one of the earliest NY photographers and a fascinating character, Alice Austen.
In this video I’m contemplating the process of a journey in both literal and figurative sense.
A number of different sequences takes us from shore to the water, from the ocean to the point where it meets the East River in the darkness, from exploring exteriors to turning towards one’s internal vision.
In the video, one arrives at the same place from where they departed: straight into one of A.A.’s photographs.

"Alice Austen (1866 - 1952) was one of America's earliest and most prolific female photographers, and over the course of her life she captured about 8,000 images. Though she is best known for her documentary work, Austen was an artist with a strong aesthetic sensibility. Furthermore, she was a landscape designer, a master tennis player, and the first woman on Staten Island to own a car. For more than fifty years, Alice Austen was in a loving and devoted relationship with Gertrude Tate; nearly thirty of those years were lived together at the Austen family home. A rebel who broke away from the ties of her Victorian environment, Alice Austen created her own independent life."
(source: Alice Austen House website)

Voyage from Katarina Poliacikova on Vimeo.