Barthes’ Lover
video, 4min, 54sec

Barthes’ lover is a time-lapse video consisting of about 120 images of a found photograph. On this portrait from the 1960s one can see an anonymous young woman sunbathing on a bench, her slightly tilted head and torso.
Nobody can tell anymore who the woman was or who once took the photograph - a person with her own life and history had slipped into anonymous ephemera in an antique shop.

The situation on the photograph is re-created, when the image is illuminated by sunlight falling through the window. The light creates yet another visual layer, incorporating a new level of meaning. A found image comes back to its (after)life as it turns into a photographic object. Its physicality becomes accentuated, the photograph being shaped and sculpted by daylight.

Barthes's lover from Katarina Poliacikova on Vimeo.