Barthes’ Lover
video, 4min, 54sec

The work consists of 98 photographs projected on a wall in short sequences. Almost the same image appears in each frame – a found and re-photographed portrait from the 1960s of an anonymous young woman sunbathing on a bench, showing her face and torso (her head slightly tilted). Lying on a table, the photograph is re-illuminated by sunlight falling through the window, creating another visual layer incorporating a new level of meaning. Although its starting point is a found image of an incidental situation, the final work consciously divides time into visible layers. The photographic object is literally shaped by daylight, accentuating the physicality of the depicted subject and contrasting its raw materiality with the ephemeral nature of the scene.
The title of the work is a reference to Roland Barthes’ book Camera Lucida, as well as his essay The Death of the Author.