(artist statement)

The everyday experience became my material and the act of observation my working method. I do not distinguish between life and work, and I’ve always been passionate about questioning the everyday, the essence of things, the seemingly obvious and the beauty of it. My themes, although being expressed in different media, stay the same. I’m interested in what connects the micro and macro narratives of human experience in the world; continually exploring time, memory, solitude, longing, communication, and the limits of (visual and verbal) language. An emphatical reflection on reality often leads to incorporating found materials, such as objects, photographs or fragments of real life narratives.
Engaging with the medium of photography in all its forms, I question it with my own and found images, photographs from NASA archives, or the light being captured through a chemical process. I am interested in the abstract, “negative”: space of photography: the time in before and after a capture and everything else that physically and mentally exceeds the image frame.